Condition of use for the website

This document describes the legal conditions for accessing and using the website at www.beam.it. By accessing the website, using it or the materials it contains you undertake to observe the legal conditions described below.

1. Website Ownership
This website is the property of BEAM SRL, whose registered office is in VIA ETTORE MAJORANA 2, SANTA LUCIA DI PIAVE (TV), 31024, ITALY.

2. Copyright
This website is protected by copyright as a single and/or composite and/or collective work under the terms of Italian and European Union law, as well as international conventions and other regulations regarding copyright.
Any website content, including information, documents, graphics, videos, sounds, images and whatever else is published and/or reproduced on the website, including the layout and site adaptation, are the property (or granted by third parties for use) of BEAM and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.
Any unauthorised use of the above-mentioned contents of the website is strictly prohibited. The website may also contain documents, images, software, information and other material owned by third parties, such as photographs, advertising, film clips and music. Any unauthorised use of these website contents is strictly prohibited, unless the consent of the owner of the material in question has been previously obtained.

3. Trademarks
All the trademarks and logos owned by BEAM and shown on the website pages are the exclusive property of BEAM; any use and/or reproduction of them for any purpose or by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited and shall be pursued by the appropriate laws.
Any trademarks and logos owned by third parties and shown on the website are the exclusive property of their owners, who have authorised BEAM to use them: their use and/or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

4. Use of and Access to the Website
The user undertakes to use the website (and any services on it) solely for legal ends and in any case may not act to the detriment of third parties.
The content and materials on the website are exclusively for personal and non commercial use. The user may download or copy the contents and other downloadable material on the website only for personal and non commercial use and in any case on the condition that it is acknowledged that the material on the website covered by copyright is protected and the user undertakes to observe all copyright and other rights relating to the website.
Copying or storing any of the contents for purposes other than personal and non commercial use is strictly prohibited, unless BEAM’s written consent has been BEAM reserves the right to modify, nullify or suspend all or any of the website characteristics at any time, including availability of all or any part of the website, its functions and database. BEAM may also correct any errors or omissions in any part of the website, impose restrictions on given functions and services, or restrict user access to the entire website or part of it, with no obligation to give notice and involving no liability whatsoever.

5. Guarantee Disclaimer and Restricted Liability
Users acknowledge that they use the website at their own risk. Services are provided from the website as is and BEAM explicitly denies any guarantee whatsoever, including, by way of example only, accuracy, reliability, propriety, non violation, suitability for specific aims or any other guarantee condition, assurance or declaration made orally or in written or electronic form, including, by way of example only, any guarantee of accuracy or completeness of any information on the website or provided by the website.
BEAM does not declare and does not guarantee that access to the website will not be interrupted or that the website will not contain faulty operations, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information, or that no virus will be transmitted by the website. BEAM shall not be liable to users or any third party for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive damage presumably incurred by accessing or not being able to access the website, including viruses presumably transmitted by the website, arising from its use or from relying on the website, or on any of the information or material available on the website.

6. Links
BEAM is not responsible for the content of websites to which it provides links from its own website or websites which provide a connection to its own website. In this regard, please note that BEAM has no control over the content of the above-mentioned websites and as they are owned by third parties it has no liability for the content and materials disseminated by such sites, including publicity, and the products and services offered on the website. Such products or services may not be considered financed, shared or in any way supported by BEAM or other associated companies.

7. Messages sent via the Website
The user is responsible for the content of messages sent via the website and undertakes to relieve BEAM, its representatives and employees and any of its partners, from any claims for direct and/or indirect damages and to indemnify BEAM, its representatives and employees and any of its partners for any charges deriving from claims for indemnity or third party claims for damage caused by the behaviour of users or persons authorised by the user to access the service.
In any case, the user undertakes not to use the website to the detriment of third parties, and to refrain from transmitting or disseminating material that is illegal, damaging, intimidating, abusive, harassing, defamatory and/or slanderous, vulgar or obscene, or that violates, whether intentionally or not, any current law or regulation, paying special attention to the protection of confidential data, observance of intellectual and industrial property laws, protection of personal details, and observance of current legislation regarding computer and telecommunications crimes.
Any information or material provided by the user through the website cannot be considered confidential or private. BEAM therefore reserves the right to make unconditional use of such information and material in the way it deems fit.

8. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
The user acknowledges and agrees that any controversies which may arise from gaining access to and/or using the website shall be settled according to Italian law under the jurisdiction of the Court of Treviso.

9. Modifications
Previous regulations may be modified by BEAM from time to time; notification of such modifications shall be published on this page. Continued use of the website indicates the user’s acceptance of modifications or reviewals and therefore BEAM advises users to view this page regularly.